Miracle Max - a rescue story


Max was involved in a road traffic accident in London with a double decker bus. London Fire Brigade were called to the scene to help get Max out from underneath the bus. He received some horrific injuries not only is his hip broken and his paw crushed but he was 'de-gloved' down one side of his body. He has been received around the clock treatment under the care of Mediate and came into the care of Heart on the 08/11/15. He still has a long road to recovery in front of him including numerous operations, but the priority at present is his skin.

You can follow his story here Max's Journey


  • Max is currently undergoing specialist treatment at the Royal Veterinary College London where they will operates on his extensive wounds. 
  • Operation has now been carried out and he is doing well. Max will possibly need further surgery on his wounds and they will re-asses in the new year. He is also starting to gain weight. 
  • Max had a check up at the hospital 05/1/16 they are pleased with the progress of his skin and will see him again in 6 weeks. 
  • Max's skin is continuing to make good progress and he returns to the hospital on the 29th February 2016.
  • Max still has his a little patch left to heal and is currently on antibiotics as it is slightly infected. Despite this it is still getting smaller.
    He is loving his walks and is now managing a good half an hour. He does still struggle with his hip and pelvis but as soon as his skin has healed completely he can then be referred to an orthopedic specialist.
  • A couple of good days for Max, he met the fire fighters who rescued him after his horrific accident and has had a trip to the hospital to have his wounds flushed and sealed. While at the hospital he brushed paws with royalty and got himself in the paper.
  • Today 28/04/16 there have been discussions about the next stage and it is looking like he will have his hip surgery next week. Unfortunately all his beautiful fur that had grown back has had to be shaven again.
  • 03/05/16 Today Max has had is final operation, an excision arthroplasty performed on his hip, this procedure has been done to relieve pain and restore function to the joint.
  • 26/05/15 Today Max had his first hydro session, he was yet again a superstar but we wouldn't expect anything less.  He worked really hard and took everything in his stride.
  • 10/06/16 Whoopee.... Max is over the moon, he was told today that a lovely lady wants to give him a forever home, to care for him and love him always.  Max will be going to his new home on 12/06/16.
  • 14/07/16 Without a doubt this post is the one that EVERYONE has been waiting for.  ALL wondered at times it it was even possible!  There were huge battles to win but we would like to congratulate a fantastic family who decided that the one and only MIRACLE MAX needed to live with them.... Forever!!