Made-it Max - a rescue story


Max is a rescue Husky from Cyprus, who will be operated on by Fitpatrick Referrals, aka Supervet, in August this year. Alexandra and Tony Young from Radwinter in Essex rescued him from a shelter in Cyprus and are going to pay TV's Supervet £10,000 to operate on on him.

In April this year, he was involved in a road traffic accident and suffered a badly fractured leg and hip, he was then tied up outside PAWS dog shelter in Cyprus... Abandoned and left alone unsure of his future.

Heart Welfare have provided a home for Max when he arrives into the UK and will support him through his recovery.

You can follow his story here Made-It Max


  • Max's flight is booked and he will be arriving on 3rd August 2017, his eager fosterers are so excited to have Max join their family.
  • 03/08/17 Max arrived safely into Manchester airport and his and is now 'home' with his foster family settling in.
  • 22/08/17 Max was assessed and scanned at Fitzpatrick referrals, he needed a double ball joint replacement and the operation went ahead immediately.
  • 28/08/17 Max is home after his operation and has been prescribed 6 to 8 weeks bed rest.
  • 03/09/17 We bring you fantastic news... Today Max's fosterers said 'yes to the husky' he is officially adopted!
  • 12/11/17 Max is on the road to recovery, he is receiving hydrotherapy treatment and his exercise routine is increasing every day.
  • 01/12/17 Max has had is final check up and will carry on his routine to full recovery.
  • Max is well and truly adopted, his fosterers couldn't let him go.